Helping Infants Breathe

A low-cost respiratory device for newborns and children

Now available for sale worldwide

Accurate dosing

A simple, low-cost clip that improves dosing of liquid medications

Now available for sale worldwide

Collaboration worldwide

Working with partners around the world to provide effective, appropriate solutions for low-resource settings


Hadleigh Health Technologies works with partners around the world to design and develop appropriate medical devices.

Recent News

Hadleigh Health Technologies is an ISO 13485 registered company and is a subsidiary of 3rd Stone Design, Inc, located in San Rafael, CA. We partner with organizations around to world to develop affordable, appropriate health technologies for low-resource settings.

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30 Castro Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901

U.S. number: +1 (415) 454-3005
South Africa number: +27 11083 5938
Skype: HadleighHealthTechnologies